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Highly powerful and reliable open source relational database management system. With a strong focus on standards compliance and robustness, PostgreSQL is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes looking to manage large volumes of data efficiently and securely.


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PostgreSQL MongoDB Replica Set MySQL/MariaDB cluster
☉ PostgreSQL Primary-Secondary Cluster with asynchronous
☉ Three-member replicas offer enough redundancy to survive network partitions. A set of MySQL/MariaDB cluster topologies for automatic installation and database nodes.

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PostgreSQL MongoDB Replica Set MySQL/MariaDB cluster
☉ Clúster primario-secundario de PostgreSQL con asíncrono
☉ Las réplicas de tres miembros ofrecen suficiente redundancia para sobrevivir a las particiones de red. Un conjunto de topologías de clúster MySQL/MariaDB para instalación automática y nodos de base de datos.