The best computer equipment in a monthly subscription.

Offering you cutting-edge technology without long-term commitments.

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Direct purchase
Latest generation enterprise computer

Technical support

Warranty management

Theft insurance

Insurance management

Geolocation in case of theft

Remote locking in case of theft

Specialized account advisor

Information backup in secure cloud (up to 20 GB/user)

Zero investment

Simple credit opening

Price in Mexican pesos

Admission of assets to the company's inventory

100% deductible service bill

No inventory depreciation

Installation on site

OS and software image upload

Information migration

A Device as a Service is a simple, customized model that makes it easy for your business to consume technology

Hire the necessary equipment

We are ready to give you the best experience with the best equipment on the market.

Terms from 18 to 36 months

You can choose between any of the payment terms that we handle for your convenience.


Customize your computer according to your needs, such as: Licenses, infrastructure, etc.

Connectivity without Borders

Our DAAS solution revolutionizes the way you access your desktop, allowing you to work efficiently and collaborate from anywhere. Embrace the flexibility and efficiency of remote work as you immerse yourself in a future of work where innovation and connectivity converge.

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